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Join us for a casual church service on Saturday or Thursday - or both. Connect with fellow members over a pre-service meal and dive into spiritual discussion that will motivate and transform you in our family atmosphere.

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Saturday Worship

Saturday begins with a fellowship breakfast.


After breakfast, we head to the sanctuary for a lively worship service and an engaging conversation on scripture.


We're kid-friendly and enjoy a game, prayer, singing and small groups.

  • Saturday - 10:00 am

Thursday Worship

Thursday begins with a fellowship dinner.


After dinner we head to the hang-out room for deep and moving discussions.

  • Thursday - 6:00 pm


Fellowship Meals

Meals are essential to us. They are part of our activities. They’ve led to our closeness and are easily replicated in a members’ home. They are the setting for our family time and create the atmosphere and starting point for our folks to interact and share life.


For years suburban church partners helped us with food. In 2021, we took this on ourselves compensating members of our church to cook, prepare and serve meals. They not only cook, clean, and serve but they come up with meal plans, recipes and shop.


Sharing a meal together helps to establish and strengthen relationships. It creates an atmosphere where people become open and engaged.


This is why we include

  • breakfast before our Saturday morning worship service

  • dinner before our Thursday evening casual service



4314 Clark Ave.

Cleveland, OH  44109

Saturday - 10:00 am

Thursday - 6:00 pm

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