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The Isaiah Project / HOME

The Isaiah Project (TIP) is a 501(c)(3) urban ministry in Cleveland, Ohio.


Our Mission

Make a Home for God, at church and at home.

Multiply, by teaching others to teach others.

Leadership Team

The Isaiah Project / HOME is blessed to have a leadership team that has known each other for years. Each person brings their unique gifts and talents, that contribute to our mission.

Our Call

At House of Miracles (HOME), our journey began by embracing the Hebraic practice of shalom with inner-city children. By stressing the value of relationships and community, we learned to cherish, mentor, and empower these young minds, guiding them towards purposeful living.

We pride ourselves on being a family where nurturing relationships, personal growth and restoration naturally occur. Through our shared experiences and trials, we've realized the importance of unity and the invaluable role that each member’s unique gifts play in accomplishing God’s will.


We are a “soft landing spot” for our folks to be open and vulnerable. We value love, safe relationships, sharing, wholeness, learning, and serving. These form the cornerstone of our approach, expressing God’s love where everyone – young and old – can share a meal, forge friendships, delve into scripture, express themselves, and serve others.

HOME is more than a name to us. It signifies a space filled with love, care, and cherished memories. Our vision extends beyond our current location – we see our members reaching out to their neighborhoods, transforming their homes into hubs of love and faith.

Together, we're HOME.

Our History

In 1994, Dana Carpenter met Barb and Phil Karayan who were leading an outreach to kids on Cleveland's Westside. They saw a need to give the neighborhood children a safe place to gather, other than the streets. 


Fast forward to 2000 when Dana developed Kids Church. It became a beacon of light for kids in need of community and spiritual guidance. A Saturday morning worship service started. She and her team made visits to the kids homes during the week. A weekly youth group followed.

By 2001, the ministry was exploding and was eventually launched as a 501(c)(3). The Isaiah Project became official in 2008 helping other churches launch the ministry. Children left the comfort of the original site to help start new churches in their neighborhoods. 

In 2006, (TIP) linked with partner, Impacting Lives for Christ Ministries (ILFC) and established a Kids Church in Liberia, West Africa. That initial meeting with Director Elizabeth Brown led to the planting of multiple churches around Monrovia.

Our Culture

Our Setting

We take a relaxed approach in a home-like setting. We love creating a safe space to share experiences and discuss the path to following God. We call it our campsite.  Just as the Israelites originally shared in the wilderness, we dig into scripture drawing parallels with navigating life's ups and downs.



We focus on open dialogue, dedicating time to discussing life's challenges while studying scripture. We aim to be a comforting place that encourages openness and vulnerability. Our hope is to inspire our members to extend this sense of community into their own homes, spreading the love of Christ.

Join us for worship at House of Miracles (HOME)

  • Saturday at 10:00 am

  • Thursday at 6:00 pm



4314 Clark Ave.

Cleveland, OH  44109

Saturday - 10:00 am

Thursday - 6:00 pm

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