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Kids Church - Africa

A providential meeting between Elizabeth Brown and Dana Carpenter has led to an incredible partnership and friendship of over 20 years.



In 2005, The Isaiah Project began an outreach in Liberia, West Africa. It came because of a divine meeting between Director’s Dana Carpenter and Elizabeth Wulu Brown of Impacting Lives for Christ Ministries (ILFC) located in Cleveland, Ohio and Monrovia, Liberia.

Both women recognized God’s call to bring Kids Church to the children of Liberia. At that time, ILFC was working with two orphanages in Monrovia as the result of civil war. Dana trained Elizabeth to take the Kids Church model and launch it in the orphanages.

Word quickly spread to other villages. Pastors began seeking out ILFC to start the ministry in their churches. Elizabeth and Dana traveled to Monrovia in 2007 to train them. Over the years, these churches have replicated the ministry in their villages. The Isaiah Project continues to support these efforts through donations and curriculum. To learn more, contact Elizabeth at Impacting Lives for Christ Ministries (ILFC).


Impacting Lives for Christ Ministries is a recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization working to restore hope, healing, and provide basic needs and education to Liberian underprivileged and orphaned children.

Most children in Liberia are very vulnerable. They feel helpless and have no one to care for them. Some of these children are abandoned. We are currently in the process of building a facility for these children; a place they can live and truly call home. They will be cared for, educated, and experience the love of Christ.


Some parents are struggling, they have no jobs, no income, and cannot provide for and educate their children. Our goal is to reach out to these children and extend God's love and care to them. We currently have a Christian school in the village to help such children. 



One of the ways we help our Kids Churches in Liberia is to provide them with curriculum. Dana Carpenter wrote the curriculum for inner-city kids in Cleveland and the material was well-received by Liberians as it is relational and family based.

The Isaiah Project offers this free to our partnering churches. For more information, please contact our ministry.



4314 Clark Ave.

Cleveland, OH  44109

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